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The GE LOGIQ E10 is the newest model in the LOGIQ line from GE Healthcare.  The system includes a 23″ OLED monitor and ergonomic keyboard and touch screen panel. Software imaging options include: B Steer, B-Flow imaging, Contrast Enhanced imaging, 2D Shear Wave Elastography and Volume Navigation.


2D Shear Wave Elastography: Enables non-invasive assessment of lesion stiffness in breast while integrating smoothly with department workflow. Strain elastography is also available for qualitative tissue assessment.

Compare Assistant: Enables clinicians to easily view a prior study – ultrasound, mammography, CT or MR – and current images together in real time via a split screen on the monitor, helping to improve confidence and exam efficiency.


B-Steer+: Enhances needle visualization in real time to improve speed and confidence in breast biopsies. Volume Navigation: The combination of 2D/3D GPS Tracking and Fusion Imaging can make a real difference in accuracy - potentially reducing procedure time and patient stress.


• Fusion Imaging: Merge real-time ultrasound with a volume DICOM® MR dataset to facilitate a second look examination and fusion guidance of biopsies of masses seen on MRI but not on ultrasound


• 2D/3D GPS Tracking: Visually track position during a scan using GPS-like technology, and mark selected points of interest to save time and enhance confidence

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